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Peter,when he was a younger boy lived on a small hill next to a small town with large, clear land.
In the town, there wasn't much machinery or business like the city had.
One day in summer, Peter's mother was making apple pie to serve after dinner and when her husband returned from the city working on new ideas on transportation, while Peter was reading in the garden, next to his house.
In the front side of the garden there was a trail that split in two, one lead to town and the other lead to some road to somewhere better, so they say.
While Peter was reading, a small red fox walked up the trail that lead to somewhere better and came near the garden, and made it's way and entered, the fox walked slowly pasted Peter's feet and eyed the apple pie cooling on the window.
Before the red fox could jump, Peter turned from his book and saw the fox about to make it's move, quickly got up to catch it's tail. When he grabbed the fox's tail, the fox turned into fire and burned his hand. The fire, caught on to the grass and spread to the flowers, then the house was in flames. Peter seeing this rushed to the window and called for his mother to get out before she was captured in the heat. He didn't see her through the window, he saw his home just burn, the fox turned back to it's original state and pulled on Peter's pants to lead him out of the smoke into a far distance away from is home. Resiting the fox's pull, Peter tried to go back and find his mother. The fox jumped in front of him and looked him in the eye, there, Peter looked back at his home, sat down and cried with the red fox next to him.
By the time the fire was watered down by the whole town throwing buckets of water, most of the house was eaten away.
No remains of Peter's mother but a necklace that she wore most of the time, but the chain was broken and the jewel had a burnt tint. When Peter's father rushed out of a old carriage and ran to his burned home, he asked the people around him what had happened, they told him that his wife was gone due to a fire that Peter had started. His walked toward Peter, stopped in front of him, Peter getting up from the grass said, "Dad, I-" and was stopped and slapped in the face by his father, and walked away. Peter just stood there in astonishment and didn't have a chance to explain.
People started to leave and go back into town silently, a old man came toward Peter and grabbed his burned hand and left his mother's broken necklace with him and told him that it wasn't his fault, but Peter didn't believe it. 

Peter wasn't always this sad. He used to be
very happy until his father began to work longer and spend less time with him.
Peter was alone for a long time.
Over that time, he began to hate his father.
Beliveing he could love no one, and no one would love him.
Peter then was tool for success.
When he got a little older his father decided to make a arranged marrige.
Only for business. To a weathly man's daughter.
Peter was disgusted by his father and
thrreatened to run away if he didnt call it off.
His father didn't care and told him to go to him room.
Peter did so and later carried out with his threat.
He vowed to never return to his home with no love.
Peter got his name pie when he had walked for  40 days
until he finally collapsed in front of women's home.
Peter could have died that day.
Luckily the women found him and toke care of him
When he wakened she asked for his name, he didn't want to tell her so he looked
around him and saw a pie cooling down on her table.
Not thinking he said, "Pie". Her name was strange too and didn't say anything but smile.
Whenever Peter smells, or sees a pie, he rembers the kind lady who saved his life.
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