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The Truth About Keeki...

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Once ago, in a far away land,
     There once lived a young girl whom lived in a great castle.
Of the eyes of blue and yellow of hair, loved to cook, a forbidden thing. Her mother yelled and yelled saying, “Cooking is terrible and horrible! I forbidden you from EVER DOING IT!!! Only  servents cook and your not a servent anymore Julie, your royalty now.” Her mother said this everyday in everyway.
Deep in the young girl's heart, wanting to cook for many and taste yummy cakes and sweets, knew she had to succeed her dream. Julie knew she could do it.
Julie thought that maybe some of the cook's daughters might help her. “Excuse me, um, you three, but I was wondering if you all of you would like to teach me how to cook...?”, Julie said to the older girls. “H'm, well, OK, Miss. Julie we'll teach you a few things on cooking.”, the oldest said with a bright fun smile. That night the three girls taught Julie how to make cakes, pies, and little cute muffins and cookies all night long. When dawn came the three daughters along with Julie were sleepy and very tired. They mumbled to each other saying there were going to sleep all day long, and how much fun they had that night.
    Bad timing came you see....  
    Julie's mother was coming there way to complain about the green tea she had yesterday afternoon. When the mother heard little girl's voices she heard Julie's too. She hid behind a wall to see all the girl's faces somewhat white with icing and smelled like sweets. The mother angry with how her daughter spent the night with some peasants and was cooking with them! The mother then walked in such manner of anger and said to her self that her daughter is going to be just like that Cinderella character and clean and wash for the rest of her spiteful life! Julie's teacher walked past the angry mother listening to every word she had said and was feared what might to happen to Julie.
    The next early morning in a classroom in the castle, Julie's teacher had brought with them a beautiful yellow notebook, for the teacher had a plan. Julie, not knowing what the notebook would be used for, and about what her mother had discussed for her fate, said, “Why, um, Mrs., Why is it that notebook be used for?” Her teacher looked on to the recently sweeped floor, and said, “Oh, poor Julie, in this notebook, is a note, OK? You will follow the directions and write down what it tells you to. This notebook isn't a normal notebook, you see, my great grandpa gave it to me when he returned from his great travels, he said, 'This notebook is filled with dreams, there is a note inside this notebook, follow all the directions that appear, and you could have 10 wishes.'” Julie looked surprised and replied, “Oh my! Wait, why 10 wishes? Shouldn't it be 3?”. “Oh no, that's why it's such a special notebook.... Now we don't have all day, take the notebook Julie dear, even if it's worth it all. Another thing is that once opened, the note book will be yours forever.”
    Then it was time to leave the castle's school, and go back to her room. Julie laid in her bed for the longest time, and continued to think so much about the notebook she had in her hand. By now the whole castle and the outer world had known what her mother's plan to punish Julie for the rest of her life, except for Julie. The sky's color soon came to be a beautiful sunset orange outside of Julie's window. There was soon a knock on the window and a boy about Julie's young age, with dark green eyes and light brown hair and a secret smile to finish his cute face.
    Julie came to the window to open it for her friend, Robert. The young boy came inside to the room looking concerned and sad. Julie noticed and asked what was wrong. He looked into her eyes and said, “Julie it's your mother! Everyone has been saying that tonight will be the last night for the princess! They have also said that that- your mother was going to trap you up or something like that!!!” Julie eyes faded and whispered, “No, no, she wouldn't do that.... but, why?” Then it came to her about the night she learned about cakes and sweets, and how her mother might have had found out, or maybe someone told her? Julie was confused. “It's still sunset Julie, maybe maybe we could uh...” Julie sighed and looked out her window showing the sunset, “I have no choice do I?” Robert nodded a no. Robert gave her his hand, “We'll  run away and we'll go to the town of Scenically. There are some friends of mine who will let us stay there for a few nights, and help you hide away from your mom. They'll understand.”

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