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The Truth About Keeki:
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Julie grabbed his hand and agreed. “Now, about the guards...and a way out”, Robert sighed and sat down on Julie's bed to think. He stared at the floor clueless. Julie sat next to him and thought too. Then it came to her, maybe the cook's daughters could help them! Julie smiled and told Robert the idea. “But we only have until 9:00pm before the guards come back from dinner.” After that said, Julie lead Robert across the hall and down the stairs into the back room of the kitchen. When they sneaked into the kitchen they found the 3 girls talking and not really cooking dinner for the guards. Once they noticed the princess standing before them they quickly stood up and said, “At your service Miss. Julie!!!” Julie told them to stop being so formal and that she needed some help.

The 3 girl's heads titled in confusion and what help they could ever give to princess Julie. Julie then told them what was going on and how she needed to leave the castle while not letting the guards know she's gone. The oldest cook, Ema smiled, the 2
nd oldest cook Kim smiled too, the youngest cook Lil didn't know what to say. “I know!”, Kim said in cheer. “Ema, Lil, remember when we accidentally dropped that cake at that one party, and we made it up by doing a magic act?” “We?! You two dropped the cake!”, Ema yelled out. “Oh, I see, we could preform a magic act to distract the guards at dinner, great idea Kim!”, Lil said. Julie and Robert smiled and went back to Julie's room. “Bring what you can Julie, we won't be back for a while...”, Robert said while Julie put clothes into a travel bag. She also put in her notebook from her teacher. Julie looked back at her clock a few times until suddenly it finally reached 8:30pm. “Hurry over here!”, Robert yelled over. Julie walked over to her window and climbed down the ladder. Robert put Julie's travel bag on his back and hid the ladder behind a few bushes. Robert held Julie's hand and ran down the path that led into the garden. “Just down this pathway and it'll lead us into the east gates out into the woods. Then we'll go straight through there into the back of the market place. Don't worry though OK Jules?” Julie nodded and continued to follow the path.

Meanwhile. Ema, Kim, and Lil were setting up their magic act.
They all had their costumes on and were just finshing the dinner for the guards to eat while they preformed. "I think were set!", Ema said to her sisters, they nodded in response. They went into the dinning room with every single guard in every single seat, impaitetly waiting for dinner. "Hello! Guards in Erif's Castle Kingdom! Are you ready for tonight's only late dinner and magic show?!", the three sisters shouted to the tables. "YEAH!!!!", they all yelled loudly back. "Uh, ok then! I will make a hare come out of a cat! I mean hat!", Lil said while rushing over to recive a top hat from Kim. Ema was serving the meal to the guards. "Alright, see look there is nothing in the hat! Nothing!", Lil showed the hat to the guards, with nothing in the hat. "Now, once I say my magic words and wave my magic wand over the hat, you will be in shock of my magic! Lil waved her black wand with white tips over the top hat and said, "Lu lu lu, la de blue!". A puple smoke popped from the hat and the room was in slient horror.

    Robert was walking in the lead down a dirt road behind old bulidings, with Julie behind him. "Were almost there Jules, you'll like the group. Ace is the leader of the group, but kinda untrustful. He had a little sister named Em, but we havn't seen her in a while.Then are the twins, Letta and Siara. Letta has red hair while Siara has blue. They're both really nice, and both have the best skills to-", Robert stopped walking and was in front of an old door. The door was decomposing and about to fall off it's henges.  "Here we are. Let me do the talking.", Robert stepped in first and Julie following in. In the building, the inside was the only haven to look for in their eyes. The group's eyes. They all had run away and must survive the dark streets. The buliding wasn't beautiful or classy. It was just a old buliding that could fall down anyday. But it keep the place warm and cool, a few rooms but no doors on any of them. Old torn blankets on the ground to sleep on. The best place for a runaway to hide. Julie's new home.

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