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Hello and Welcome!!!

The Keeki and Cookie Show is a short Comic series by
''~~  Isabel 
About two friends who like to explore and meet many weird , dumb, strange creatures
on their not so adventurous adventures. :D

HUGE UPDATE! THE SHOW IS NOW A COMIC! .....Ever try clicking a character's name??? +New pictures and descriptions for Peter and Rosily!! Ever try clicking a character's name??? JUST DO IT. AUDITIONS CLOSED! SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFO! SORRY! ;< Fall looove EVERY ROLE FILLED!~ HORRAY!!!!! New comic added!!~~~~ >W<

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About KEEKI:

Keeki's real name is Julie Ann.
Keeki is very naive and loves to help others. Keeki often day dreams a little too much now and then.
 Most of her dreams involves an adventure with her best buddy: Cookie!
Keeki loves to eat cake and any other sweets.

She's as sweet as a lollipop!
this pic sums up pretty much everything



About COOKIE :

Cookie's real name is Holly Lockheart, but Keeki misheard her and thinks Holly said Cookie
so that's been her name since.
Cookie is quick and clever when harm comes near!
Cookie 's best friend Keeki have been friends since who knows when, possibly since the beginning of time.
Cookie likes to go on adventures
just to kill most of her time
She's as quick as
a whip!~

About APPLE:

Apple's real name is Alec.
Apple is very nice and polite , he likes to talk and take care of an apple tree his mother used to tend.
Most of the time Apple is sleeping under his tree or playing his piano!
Apple loves to eat Keeki's apple pies.
Or maybe it's something that Alec likes about Keeki?

He's a



His name is Peter and he was much
happier before his mother died.
Ended up running away due to an
 arrange marriage he never agreed to.
And because of seeing no way out of  his father
hating him for his mother's death.
Overall though, he's a quiet kid who
can't seem to trust anyone ,anymore.
He longs for a friend who he can escape his life with,
someone to clear his clouded heart,
to something better.


Rosily is a nice girl who lives in Somewhere
with her 'brother' Alec.
She is very broad and straight forward with things.
But she is nice.
Rosily had a agreed to help Alec with cleaning his house
(it was a junk yard) in exchange to live with him for a while.
They ended up being very close for a long time
and the one fine day Keeki and Cookie came into their lives.

Rosily is a sore loser but has her share of adventuring.


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